I am a social media influencer.  Many times referred to as a brand ambassador, spoke model or promotional model.  My role is to test products, wear products, promote products and produce social media posts for companies.  Many times I get paid to do this, but many times I only get free product.  It’s fun at times. My social media reach and my past posting allow me to be an influencer :

Facebook: I’ve been on the site for over 11 years and have a page that has over 1.6 million. I grew my following through consistent posting, adding fresh content often and linking the page to many others.

Facebook Profile:
Facebook BuffMother Page:

TEAM BuffMother Rally Room:

…Now days the big businees is on IG:

Instagram: Formerly dominated by female, IG is now full of both sexes and is a fun quick photocentric way to stay up to date with today’s trends and news.




If you’d like me to INFLUENCE for you let me know!